Recruiting for early childhood programs through social media

Written by 
Dr. Kristin Trostel

Recruiting for early childhood programs through social media

Social media is a fantastic way to share your organization’s culture and highlight the engaging activities the children have been working on. These posts not only draw in prospective families but can also capture the attention of job seekers. We have worked with a wide range of candidates over the years, and one theme that has remained consistent over time is the desire for a strong culture at their place of work. It's an essential factor to them.

Where to begin?

Rich content begins in the classroom! Encourage your staff to capture special moments and share them through a post, and include an explanation of what the kids are doing and why they are so engaged in the activity. 

💡Pro tip: Be sure to have a photo policy for your organization to gain consent, and instruct staff to avoid pictures of children without permission.

How does this connect to drawing in job seekers?

As a parent, I know firsthand how much parents love seeing pictures of their kids having fun while learning. Families will boost your posts by interacting with the content, liking the post, commenting, or even resharing. Activity on your posts will then draw in those looking to see what type of organization you are, giving a glimpse into your culture. 

For example, if a post is of a pre-k teacher outside in the grass working on a fun, hands-on activity, as a job seeker, I would get the impression that employees are allowed to be creative and have fun while teaching. The post would drive me to explore more; as a former childcare worker, I highly valued autonomy and the ability to be creative with my class lessons.

💡Pro tip: Post often! Data suggests posting several times a week to keep your followers engaged. 

How do you make an engaging post?

First, remember to keep it simple and short. If the content is too long, most people will scroll past it. Second, pictures say a thousand words; everyone loves pictures, especially of kids having a great time! Third, keep the tone light, positive, and use your organization’s unique voice.

💡Pro tip: Always include a call to action, telling your readers what you want them to do next. For example, include links to any open jobs and encourage people to apply.

You’re doing amazing things with children each and every day and social media is a great and inexpensive way to highlight that work!

Dr. Kristin Trostel
Product Marketing Manager