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Nimble saves you time and helps you hire the strongest candidates

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Hire the teachers most likely to be effective and retained.

Nimble leverages cutting-edge research to make real-time recommendations to hiring managers about which teacher applicants will perform better and stay longer in classrooms. Our predictive model has been shown to increase new hire performance and retention while reducing bias in the hiring process.

Leverage data dashboards designed for K-12 hiring.

Nimble data dashboards answer the key questions K-12 talent teams need to answer about the recruitment & hiring process. Eliminate spreadsheet-based trackers, identify the most effective recruitment strategies, and set and track clear talent acquisition goals, all with minimal effort.

Easily track vacancy fill rates and school-based screening decisions.

Nimble’s unique infrastructure makes it easy to create pooled job postings while still accurately tracking vacancies and fill rates across schools. This also allows school-based hiring managers to easily manage their own candidate lists and streamlines communication between hiring managers and HR.

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“Over the last few years, there’s been a growing body of research pointing to several pre-hire predictors of classroom success. Nimble is building on that research and putting the findings at districts’ fingertips during the hiring process.”


“Figuring out who will be a terrific teacher, and who won’t, has long been a daunting challenge for American schools...If Nimble succeeds at improving the teacher hiring process, it will make headway on a stubborn, familiar challenge that has long been the bane of school and system leaders.”


“Hire faster, hire better, and reduce teacher turnover.”


Hiring tools designed for schools

Cloud-based software that helps you recruit & hire great teachers & staff

"Nimble has been instrumental in our efforts to streamline communications between our Talent team and our principals. Our principals love using Nimble, and are even looking for ways to improve their own site-based interview processes using Nimble's tools. Principals are more engaged because it's clear that this system was built with their unique challenges in mind."


"Nimble has been a collaborative partner, helping us to significantly streamline and accelerate our hiring. Their interface is professional and intuitive, and built with K-12 recruitment in mind.  Nimble is incredibly responsive to our needs and their customer service is top-notch."

Jacqueline Murphy
Director of Human Resources
San José Unified School District

"Nimble has been a game changer for us... I can say without hesitation that I strongly recommend Nimble to any education organization that cares about running an efficient, effective & user-friendly hiring process."

Rebecca Reynolds
Director of Human Resources
Education for Change Public Schools

"Nimble is catered to our talent work in education. While that in and of itself sets the platform apart, it is also intuitive for the user and allows our team to be more efficient with tracking candidates, tasks, and emails. Gone are the days of having to makeshift Google Sheets into an ATS!"

Nicole Wellman noble

“We've used other hiring software in the past, but nothing compares to Nimble. Not only is the interface user-friendly, but their customer support dramatically improved our hiring process. As we continue to improve, Nimble continues to provide customized support and feedback on next steps.”

kathleen sullivan

Hiring tools designed for you

Nimble saves you time and helps you hire stronger candidates. Our partners see increased yield, faster processing time and vacancies filled earlier in the year.

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