Strengthening the IN Educator Pipeline



The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has partnered with Nimble to provide user-friendly and data-driven recruitment tools to schools across the state. Beginning in March 2022, this new talent acquisition platform will replace IDOE’s existing job bank. For those who have opted in this year, it will also allow schools to leverage an innovative applicant tracking system at no cost. 

This strategic investment by the state of Indiana is the first step in a larger systemic shift to build capacity at the state and local levels to staff Indiana districts with high-quality and diverse talent. 

Watch the IDOE's overview webinar here to learn more about the initiative:

You can also download the slides here. For questions, contact Rebecca Estes, Senior Director of Educator Talent, Indiana Department of Education.


Administrators can find an FAQ with more information about Nimble and the transition here as well as a full timeline here.

Next steps

Schools who have not opted-in to the full Nimble ATS platform can continue posting jobs on the existing IDOE job bank until Friday, February 25, 2022, after which there will be a two-week freeze as we transition to the new job board. Any jobs that you post before the February 25 deadline will remain visible to candidates during the two-week freeze, but you will not be able to post new jobs during that time.

After the two-week freeze, admin will be able to start posting links to positions on the enhanced statewide job board beginning March 14. Users with current job bank posting access will receive a welcome email on or before March 14 with instructions on how to begin posting to the new job board. Any users who have opted into the full Nimble ATS will have jobs they’ve already posted in Nimble automatically transitioned to the new IDOE job bank on this date; they will no longer need to post in both places, but their jobs will now automatically be scraped from the Nimble ATS to the IDOE job board.

More information and a complete transition timeline can be found here.