Four steps for schools to jump start their social media recruitment

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Alex Jones

Four steps for schools to jump start their social media recruitment

Social media can be a powerful tool for K-12 HR and recruitment teams to attract talent to your organization. For example, LinkedIn, a platform where a lot of us turn for updates on trends in innovative workplace practices, can also be where a candidate starts their search for a new position. Communicating what makes your organization unique through posts on a platform like Linkedin can give prospective candidates a glimpse into your team culture and eventually attract them to apply.

So how can you jump start your organization’s social media recruitment initiatives?

It’s important to set yourself up for success by starting with the big picture and then establishing clear goals. The big picture could look like this: “We want to engage with our community and communicate our employee value proposition through informative posts.” In Nimble’s April 2023 webinar, Leveraging Social Media in K-12 Recruitment, panelists recommended starting your social media marketing with these steps:


1. Establish a content or editorial calendar and map out key dates

  • Key school-year dates: Start of school, school-year breaks, end of school, etc.
  • Education-industry significant celebrations: National school counseling week, mental health awareness month, teacher appreciation week, etc. 

2. Confirm your content pillars and plan your marketing campaign themes

  • Content pillars can include focuses on recruitment, organizational cultural moments, organizational awareness, and community engagement.

3. Tie your marketing campaigns to your recruitment strategy

  • Focus paid postings toward hard-to-fill positions.
  • Create campaigns that bridge education-industry significant celebrations and the open roles you’re hiring for. For example, during teacher appreciation week, create content that highlights a stellar teacher within your district and provide the link to apply to your teacher talent  pool at the end of your post. 
  • Test and learn more about what content your audience responds most positively to. For example, if you have a post with a high number of engagement stats, replicate that post with expanded content.

4. Create a process for tracking your progress through regular metric measurements

  • Determine what measures are applicable to your success (impressions, clicks on your post, shares, comments, etc.) 
  • Document your metrics regularly (at campaign completion, weekly, etc.) within your content and/or editorial calendar.

Nimble is here to support your social media marketing efforts. Our K-12 applicant tracking system is designed to help you attract more candidates with: our seamless integrations with social media for both central office recruiters and school-based hiring managers, our two-way integrations and one-click apply integrations on major national jobs boards, and our user-friendly and mobile-friendly application process. We’d love to be a thought partner as you put your social media marketing plan into place — if you’re interested in finding out more about our product or the content/editorial calendar templates we shared during our webinar, fill out the form below.

Alex Jones
Customer Success Manager