Data-driven teacher hiring

Our mission is to help school districts find and hire the best educators for their classrooms


We provide a smart applicant tracking tool that seamlessly manages the hiring workflow, while leveraging machine learning to identify the teachers who will perform best and stay longest.

Lets you send and track all communications with candidates

Vacancy Management

Matches candidate pipeline to vacancies, so you know where to focus

Candidate prioritization

Principal portal

Interview scheduling

Highlights the high achievers, so you can review their applications first

Allows candidates to schedule interviews seamlessly within the system

Bottleneck alerts

Customizable communication

Seamlessly pushes recommended candidates to principals for review

Let you know when a candidate is delayed in the process

Rebecca Odim

Chief Product Officer


Jill has spent her career helping education organizations thrive. As a consultant at Parthenon-EY, she advised education agencies and education technology companies on how to grow while better serving their constituents. Jill is passionate about creating solutions that help society leverage its most important asset—human talent.

We design game-changing technology that makes a positive impact. 

Lauren Dachille

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca holds a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT. In addition to starting her own web development consultancy, she was a software engineer at BetterWorks, an early-stage enterprise SaaS company, and has a passion for great UX/UI design. Rebecca's goal is to use technology creatively, to solve the world's toughest problems.

Lauren has spent the last decade working to make sure all students have access to the very best teachers. She started her career in teacher recruitment and selection at D.C. Public Schools, then spent several years advocating for improved teacher quality policies nationwide. She's passionate about making our education system more equitable. 

Jill Greenberg

Chief Strategy Officer

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