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The tools to succeed

Most superintendents will acknowledge that hiring and retaining the right people makes all the difference in a district's success. Unfortunately, K-12 HR teams aren't given the modern, user-friendly tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

As a former member of the Human Capital team at D.C. Public Schools, I've seen first hand how antiquated, clunky HR software can get in the way. I founded Nimble to help build capacity at districts around the country -- so that HR teams can spend their time on human interactions, instead of broken processes. 

Nimble's mission is to empower K-12 HR teams, so that we can get the very best talent into our schools and districts. Reach out below to learn more about how Nimble can help you!

Lauren Dachille


How we can help

A modern take on K-12 hiring tools

Nimble saves you time and helps you close more candidates. Our partners see increased yield on offers and fill their vacancies earlier in the season.

Vacancy Management

Matches candidate pipeline to vacancies, so you know where to focus

Candidate prioritization

Highlights high achievers, so you can review their applications first

Bottleneck alerts

Let you know when a candidate is delayed in the process

Interview scheduling

Easy scheduling options for candidates that sync to your calendar

Customizable communication

Communicate within the system but maintain a record in your email

Cuts down on emails by pushing the right candidates to hiring managers

Principal portal

Nimble takes away the manual work and gives you back hours in your day.

Our value

"Every hire is a reflection of who we are and who we want to be. We must get it right for our students, our schools and our communities. Over the years, my intuition has served me well, but outdated tools have made it hard to keep a hands-on touch with candidates. Nimble is exactly the type of resource that I've been looking for and just what my staff needs to identify and hire the candidates that will not only stay, but thrive."

Sid Haro

Assistant Superintendent of Human Relations

Milpitas Unified School District

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